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GSE110795: RNA-seq expression profiling of cortical bone from ephrin B2 deficient and control mice

Bulk RNA sequencing

Within the bone matrix is an interconnected network of cells termed osteocytes. These cells are derived from bone-forming osteoblasts. This transition requires expression of ephrinB2, but we were intrigued about why this protein continues to be expressed at high levels in mature osteocytes. To determine its function in osteocytes, we developed an osteocyte-specific (Dmp1Cre) ephrinB2 null mouse and found they exhibited a brittle bone phenotype. RNA sequencing was used to compare the expression profiles of osteocytes from ephrinB2 null mouse with those of from control cousins. SOURCE: Gordon,K,Smyth ( - Smyth Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

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