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GSE119365: Iron and Heme Coordinate Erythropoiesis through HRI-Mediated Regulation of Protein Translation and Gene Expression

Bulk RNA sequencing

Iron and heme play central roles in red blood cell production. However, the mechanisms by which iron and heme levels coordinate erythropoiesis remain incompletely understood. HRI is a heme-regulated kinase that controls translation by phosphorylating eIF2a. Here, we investigate the global impact of iron, heme and HRI on protein translation in vivo in murine primary erythroblasts using ribosome profiling. By defining the underlying changes in translation during iron and HRI deficiencies, we validate known regulators of this process, including Atf4, and identify novel pathways such as co-regulation of ribosomal protein mRNA translation. Surprisingly, we found that heme and HRI pathways, but not iron-regulated pathways, mediate the major protein translational and transcriptional responses to iron deficiency in erythroblasts in vivo and thereby identify previously unappreciated regulators of erythropoiesis. Our genome-wide study uncovers the major impact of the HRI-mediated integrated stress response for the adaptation to iron deficiency anemia. SOURCE: Shuping Zhang Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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