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GSE110593: Neurons under T cell attack orchestrate phagocyte-mediated synaptic stripping

Bulk RNA sequencing

RNA-seq libraries purified from rLCMV-Cre infected neurons using the Ribotag allele. Seq libraries are provided from STAT1 competent (Stat1+/+ x Rpl22HA/+) or STAT1-deficient (Stat1fl/fl x Rpl22HA/+) rLCMV-Cre carrier mice which have been challenged intravenously with LCMVwt at 5 weeks of age and then sacrificed after 9 days. These seq libraries represent the response of rLCMV-Cre infected neurons to CD8+ T cell attack following challenge with LCMVwt. SOURCE: Gabriela Salinas-Riester ( - Transkriptomanalyselabor Universitaetsmedizin Goettingen

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