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GSE149335: A Hedgehog-FGF signaling axis patterns anterior mesoderm during gastrulation

Bulk RNA sequencing

Single cell technologies hold promise for resolving complex early developmental phenotypes. Here we define a novel Hedgehog (Hh)-Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) signaling axis for the formation of anterior mesoderm lineages during gastrulation. Single-cell transcriptome analysis of Hh-deficient mesoderm revealed selective deficits in anterior mesoderm populationsculminating in defects to anterior embryonic structures including the pharyngeal arches, heart, and anterior somites. Transcriptional profiling of Hh-deficient mesoderm during gastrulation revealed disruptions to both transcriptional patterning of the mesoderm and FGF signaling for mesoderm migration. Mesoderm-specific Fgf4/Fgf8 double mutants recapitulated anterior mesoderm defects and Hh-dependent GLI transcription factors modulated enhancers at FGF gene loci. Cellular migration defects during gastrulation induced by Hh pathway antagonism were mitigated by FGF4 protein. These findings implicate a multicomponent signaling hierarchy activated by Hh ligands from the embryonic node and executed by FGF signals in nascent mesoderm to control anterior mesoderm patterning. SOURCE: Sebastian Pott ( - University of Chicago

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