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GSE149353: Drug screen combining RNA landscape analysis reveals targetable pathways in HIV-1 reactivation

Bulk RNA sequencing

We invesitgated cellular pathways required for HIV-1 activation using HIV-1-suppressing agents. Despite effective antiretroviral therapy, HIV-1-nfected cells continue to produce viral antigens and induce chronic immune exhaustion. Using a novel dual reporter system and a high-throughput drug screen, we identified FDA-approved drugs which can suppress HIV-1 reactivation in both cell line models and CD4+ T cells from virally suppressed, HIV-1-infected individuals. We identified 11 cellular pathways required for HIV-1 reactivation as druggable targets. Using differential expression analysis, gene set enrichment analysis and exon-intron landscape analysis, we examined the impact of drug treatment on the cellular environment at a genome-wide level. SOURCE: Yang-Hui Yeh ( - Ya-Chi Ho Yale University

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