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GSE145044: RNA-Seq profiling of LAQ vs Control mice

Bulk RNA sequencing

Illumina mRNA-Seq, 18-20 million single end reads/sample with Bioinformatics of LAQ vs Control mice; Laquinimod (LAQ) was initially known as an immunomodulatory agent and was used to treat multiple sclerosis and alleviate demyelination in the mouse models of different diseases. We assumed that it may modulates gene transcription to influence protein function in the mouse brain, based on the previous finding. We therefore performed RNAseq detection of gene expression from the oligodendrocyte-enriched corpus callosum of 3-month-old PLP-150Q mice that had been treated with 5 mg/kg LAQ for two months. The control group was the age-matched PLP-150Q mice treated with purified water. SOURCE: Gregory,K,Tharp ( - Genomics Core Yerkes National Primate Research Center

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