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GSE56638: Deep sequencing reveals cell-type specific patterns of single cell transcriptome variation

Bulk RNA sequencing

We present high quality deep read-depth single cell RNA sequencing for 91 cells from five mouse tissues and 18 cells from two rat tissues, along with 30 control samples of bulk RNA diluted to single-cell levels. We find that transcriptomes differ globally across tissues with regard to the number of genes expressed, the average expression patterns, and within cell-type variation patterns. We develop methods to filter genes for reliable quantification and to calibrate biological variation. All cell types include genes with high variability in expression, in a tissue-specific manner. We also find evidence that single cell variability of neuronal genes in mice is correlated with that in rats consistent with the hypothesis that levels of variation may be conserved. SOURCE: Junhyong KimJunhyong Kim University of Pennsylvania

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