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GSE124396: RNA-sequencing in irradiated and normal A549 cells.

Bulk RNA sequencing

The aim of this study is to investigate the role of circRNAs/miRNAs/lncRNAs in radioresistance in A549 cells. For irradiation, A549 cells were exposed to a single fraction 2 GY or 4GY X-ray dose using an X-RAD 160-225 instrument (Precision X-Ray, Inc., Branford, CT, USA; filter: 2 mm AI; 42 cm, 225 kV/s, 12.4 mA, 2.0 Gy/min). The irradiated A549 cells (after a single dose of irradiation) and normal A549 cells were cultured for further 48h and then collected its total RNA for high-throughput sequencing. SOURCE: Ting Zhang ( - Clinical Laboratory

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