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GSE146779: Enforced Expression of NUP98-HOXA10hd Fusion Gene in Multipotent Progenitors Support Long-term Hematopoiesis in primary mice [MP]

Bulk RNA sequencing

Allogenic hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation is widely used for treatment of blood disorders to re-establish long-term multi-lineage hematopoiesis. Enhance self-renewal potential of progenitor population to support hematopoiesis offer an alternative and complementary approach to achieve similar therapeutic effects. Nup98-Hoxa10hd fusion gene (NA) has been shown to confer expansion, anti-stress response and engraftment competitiveness on HSC. However, whether the ectopic expression of NA in multipotent progenitors (MPPs) could enhance their self-renewal potential and confer long-term multi-lineage hematopoiesis remains unknown. In this study, we showed that ectopic expression in MPPs confer long-term multi-lineage hematopoiesis in recipient mice. We further showed that NA upregulated pathways of cell cycle regulation, epigenetic regulation and response to stress in MPPs. These molecular traits increased the self-renewal potential of NA MPPs, which resulting in production of lineage-maintaining committed progenitor cells. Transcriptome analysis of NA myeloid progenitors identified genes regulating hematopoiesis, homeostasis, phosphorylation. In summary, we show that ectopic expression of Nup98-Hoxa10hd fusion gene enhance self-renwal potential of MPPs thus confer long-term multilineage repopulating capacity on MPPs, offering promising means to involve MPPs to augment cell source in clinical transplantation settings. SOURCE: Juan Du ( - Jinyong Wang Guangzhou Institutes od Biomedicine and Health

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