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GSE116817: LATS1 and LATS2 suppress breast cancer progression by maintaining cell identity and metabolic state [mouse]

Bulk RNA sequencing

Deregulated activity of the LATS tumor suppressors has broad implications on cellular and tissue homeostasis. We examined the consequences of downregulation of either LATS1 or LATS2 in breast cancer. Consistent with their proposed tumor suppressive roles, expression of both paralogs is significantly downregulated in human breast cancer, and loss of either paralog accelerated mammary tumorigenesis in mice. However, each paralog had a distinct impact on breast cancer. Thus, LATS2 depletion in luminal B tumors resulted in metabolic rewiring, with increased glycolysis and reduced PPARg signaling. Furthermore, pharmacological activation of PPARg elicited LATS2-dependent death in luminal B-derived cells. In contrast, LATS1 depletion augmented cancer cell plasticity, skewing luminal B tumors towards increased expression of basal-like features, in association with increased resistance to hormone therapy. Hence, these two closely related paralogs play distinct roles in protection against breast cancer; tumors with reduced expression of either LATS1 or LATS2 may rewire signaling networks differently and thus respond differently to anti-cancer treatments. SOURCE: Dena Leshkowitz ( - Weizmann Institute of Science

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